What Are The Different Types Of Hair Extensions?

Choosing the right type of hair extensions for you is not an easy task. However, taking the time to analyze some details will help you make a good decision.

For example, you should consider what your hair and lifestyle are like to choose appropriate extensions. Do extensions damage or mistreat the hair in any way? Are they suitable for all hair types? In addition, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve and what different types of extensions offer you. That way you can choose the ideal hair extensions for you.  In this article we will talk about the pros and cons of different extension systems. 

types of hair extensions

How long can different types of hair extensions last?

Tape in, clip, keratin, sewn and many more … There are so many types of hair extensions that it is difficult to choose. In this post we will talk about what are the different types of extensions that exist and how long they last. That way you can choose the best option for you.

Before starting to explain the different types of extensions that exist it is necessary to clarify that they are made of different types of materials.

Human Hair

The best type of hair extensions are those of human hair, and Remy hair is of the highest quality. Non-Remy human hair extensions usually last about three months or less. Remy human hair extensions can last from 8 months to 1 year. And if they are virgin Remy hair they can last about 2 years or more. These are the ones that last the most and also cost the most. Human hair extensions can be treated just like you would treat your own hair. Unlike synthetic hair, virgin natural hair extensions can be dyed, ironed or curled whenever you wish. 

Sythetic Hair

However, synthetic hair extensions also exist. They are of inferior quality, and therefore are cheaper than human hair. Synthetic extensions last a very short time, but if they are used and washed rarely they can last longer. If you use them daily, they will probably not last longer than one month, doesn’t matter how well you take care of them. In some cases, if the extensions are very cheap, they can last only a few days… The quality of synthetic fibers may vary, but they all have a rigid and unnatural appearance. For that reason it will never completely blend in with your hair, because its movement is different from that of natural human hair.

Seminatural Hair

Seminatural hair extensions are a mixture of natural hair and synthetic hair. The result obtained from the semi-natural extensions is the same as with synthetic hair. The use and maintenance is similar to synthetic extensions, they cannot be ironed, curled or dyed.

What are the different types of hair extension techniques?

Now that we know the different materials that extensions are made of, let’s hp trhough the different types of hair extension systems.

Tape In

They’re the most popular and also the favourite type of hair extensions among a lot of women. Why? Because they can be placed very fast, they are very comfortable, clean and invisible. The extensions come in tufts of 4 centimeters wide with an adhesive strip to attatch them to your hair in a sandwich way. The positive is that they last between a month and a half and two months and can also be reused. You can put them back right away or take them off, and  put them back on whenever you want to. This type of extensions can be reused up to three times (they last in total between six and eight months).

tape in hair extensions
keratin hair extensions

Keratin / Fusion

They were the first professional hair extension system that appeared in hairdressing salons. Nowadays they are not so popular because of the boom in tape in extensions. Keratin / fusion extensions come in finer strands and you need a bigger quantity to get volume. Of course, the bonds are quite discreet and the result is a surprisingly flexible mane. On the other hand, its reuse is more complicated. When removed, the keratin tip is undone and this prevents replacing the same hair extension. It can be replaced with new keratin tips, but for this you have to trim the hair first (thereby losing length).

Clip in

Or “put and remove” extensions. They are strips of hair that are placed on the head with clips. They are ideal for special occasions when you are looking for more volume or lenght, for finishing a hairstyle or when you know that you will not need extensions every day and prefer to take them off yourself whenever you want. It is the most popualr temporary hair extension type.

clip in hair extensions
nano ring hair extensions

Nano and Micro Rings

Of all systems, it is possibly the most “heavy” type of hair extensions. They are characterized by being a fixed system and one of the most economical options that exist. The hair strands of the extension and the natural hair itself are bonded together with the help of rings. In such a way, that the extension curtain that is being placed is perfectly secured thanks to these small beads that are closed with pliers.

Sew in

This type of extensions consist of a weft curtain of hair. Usualy you can buy them in 70 cm curtains. It is essential to have hair with an adequate length, at least 6 cm. The advantages of these extensions, is that they give a natural appearance to the hair and can be cleaned the usual way as you wash your hair. In addition, they can be dyed, ironed and curled. On the other hand, the disadvantages of some placement procedures are that some people consider them a bit annoying.  If you have fine and delicate hair you should be cautious in its use because you can damage your hair a bit.

sew in hair extensions
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