The Best Tape In Hair Extensions in 2019

Check out the best tape in hair extensions and find out why they are the best option for you!

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What Are Tape In hair extensions?

Tape in hair extensions are one of the most innovative extension systems that exist. These extensions are made of tufts of hair that are about 4 centimeters wide. They come prepared with a double-sided adhesive tape to glue the extension to your hair. The type of glue used in these extensions is surgical quality, so it does not cause allergy.

The best tape extensions are those made with natural Remy hair. Although there are also adhesive extensions made with hair of different qualities. Remy means that the hair cuticle are intact and all directed in the same direction. Because of that they are soft, durable and tangle free extensions. They are discreet and very natural, so you won’t find anything that looks more like your hair. Good hair extensions should be impossible to detect, both at first sight and touch.

But are they better than other types of extensions?

How long do tape in extensions last?

Adhesive tape extensions are semi-permanent extensions that last between 4 and 8 weeks. However, its duration depends on how you take care of them and the speed at which your hair grows. After that period you can remove them and replace them using special adhesive tape for extensions.

How to Apply Tape In Hair Extensions?

A professional hairdresser is the most suitable for placing tape extensions. However, they are easier to place than micro ring or keratin extensions. For that reason, in some cases, you can ask for a skilled friend to put them for you.

After you remove the protective paper from the tape place it under a thin strand of your hair. On the top of the same bond place another extension strip. This way your hair is sandwiched between two strips of extensions.

Tape in extensions should be evenly distributed around the head. They have to be placed horizontally so that the support is more resistant. If they are placed diagonally they could take off easily.

Depending on the volume you want to achieve the placement process could take about 45 minutes.

How to peel off the tape in extensions without damaging your hair?

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Peeling off adhesive extensions also requires the help of a professional. Especially if you want them removed without damaging your hair and keep them in good shape for reapplying.

The best way to remove tape extensions is with a special solvent remover. Its composition does not contain aggressive chemical ingredients, so it does not damage the hair.

Reusing adhesive extensions will allow you to enjoy your them for a year or more. Of course, they will last that time if you take care of them. 

Can tape in extensions damage your hair?

Among all the permanent extensions, adhesives are the the ones that damage the hair the least. One of the reasons is that they are very light and do not add excessive weight to your hair. In addition, they are also very comfortable, even for sleeping.

Other types of permanent extensions may damage your hair, especially if they are not properly placed. But tape extensions are the most recommended for people with thin and rare hair. So, if you want to have the advantages of permanent extensions without risks, choose tape extensions.

The biggest mistake that people usually make with these types of extensions is to place them or take them off incorrectly. In other words, a correct application considerably reduces any possible risks. Therefore, you should keep in mind that it is difficult to placen these extensions without anyone’s help. 

How to take care of tape in hair?

Like all natural hair extensions, adhesive extensions can be curled and ironed. When using hot tools on your adhesive extensions do not apply direct heat to the tips where the adhesive is. Excess heat can cause the adhesive to soften and to peel off over time.

You can wash your hair as you usually do. However, do not apply oily products to the heads where the glue is. That could also weaken the glue and cause them to peel off early. Therefore, if you use a mask, apply it only from the middle to the ends.

How much do tape extensions cost?

It may seem that adhesive extensions are more expensive, but in reality, in the long run they are cheaper. The most important factors that determine the price is the volume and quantity of extensions you need.

Normally, the price of tape in hair extensions can range from 200 to 800 punds. This will depend on the effect that you want to achieve.

The price for placement

The total placement process can be done in less than an hour. For that reason, hairdressers charge less for placing such extensions, because they are not difficult to place. In addition, the placement is not expensive because it does not require tools or extra accessories to place them. This means a great saving of money with respect to other types of extensions. You can even ask a skilled friend for help in these tasks, and save you the expense of the placement. That’s why we say that adhesive extensions are cheap.

The price for hair

The price for a full head may vary depending on several factors. The first thing you have to consider is how much hair volume you want and how thick your hair is now. If you want a discrete amount of volume and your hair is long, 100 grams extensions could be enough. However, you will need more extensions if you want a very voluminous mane that stands out. And if your own hair is short you will need much more, maybe 200 grams onwards.


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Tape extensions don’t damage your hair. Therefore, anyone can use them, even if they have fine and delicate hair. However, people with serious hair loss problems should not use extensions, until their condition improves.

For frizzy or afro-style hair tape extensions are not the most suitable option. In that case it is better that you choose other types of extensions, such as sewn extensions.

Adhesive extensions are an excellent option for women who have a very active life. Some of us want to use extensions but we don’t have time to put on and take off removable extensions every day. That is why tape extensions are ideal for busy people who, at the same time, want to have long and thick hair.

A lot of women are already using them to raise their self-esteem and feel beautiful all the time, and not only on special occasions.

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