The Best Keratin / Fusion Hair Extensions in 2019

Check out the best fusion hair extensions and find out why they are the best option for you!

fusion hair extensions

What Are Keratin / Fusion hair extensions?

First of all, let’s go through a little bit of theory.

Fusion hair extensions were the first type of professional hair extensions in the hairdressing salons.

They are called keratin extensions because the binding system or the tip that holds the hair is made of keratin, which is a natural product that does not damage your hair since it has the same molecular structure.

Thanks to a rapid heat process, the keratin tip melts and bonds to the tuft of your hair, preventing it from moving or falling.

Keratin bond extensions greatly transformed the market and were a real sensation back in the 90s. However, now they have been pushed to the second plan by adhesive / tape in hair extensions. 

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of fusion extensions and find out if they are the best option for you.

The Advantages of Fusion Hair Extensions

1. The results are very natural

It is probably one of the extension techniques that integrates best with your own hair.

Fusion extensions have very small U tips or I tips and if they are placed in a well-distributed manner throughout the head, the results look very natural.

We recommend choosing a good professional, that is an expert in the placement of hair extensions. 

If you want to get the best results, you should use natural remy hair of the highest quality and professional keratin.

2. Keratin hair extensions are very discreet and you can try out any hairstyle

Fusion extensions come in very thin strands, we assure you that you will be able to do any hairstyle without anyone noticing that you have extensions.

A tuft, a pigtail or braids … Keratin extensions can go with anything. When using a “strand by strand” method, the mobility at the root is totally flexible. 

Unlike other extension systems that come in weft, keratin extensions are placed in small portions. This makes them one of the most invisible methods.

And contrary to what it may seem, the keratin tips don’t bother the head and you will not feel them when sleeping.

keratin hair extensions example

3. They can solve practically anything

Keratin is the most requested extension type for many reasons. First of all, because you can get the desired length. Second of all, because you can add volume when there is a lack of density. And finally, because you can fill in thin hair. They are also perfect if you want to create color effects of the latest trends, such as balayage or ombre…

4. Fusion hair extensions don't damage the hair

It has been noticed that keratin, being a natural protein, adds nutrients to your own hair instead of altering it.

If you are using high-quality keratin it will not damage your hair or scalp at all.

Make sure that you go to a professional extension centre that uses high-quality products. Artificial keratin glue or wax can spoil your hair.

5. Keratin hair extensions last longer than other

If a professional stylist has placed them using the best techniques, fusion extensions can last more than 3 months. Especially those that are placed on the back of the neck since they are hidden between your hair.

Compared to other types of extensions, which last a couple of months, keratin extensions have a great advantage.

Keep in mind that the secret to long-lasting extensions lies in the love you give them. Use special hair care products and strictly follow all the guidelines set by your stylist as it is vital if you want to keep them impeccable.

keratin fusion hair extensions

The Disadvantages of Fusion Hair Extensions

1. You have to be very careful with dryers and irons

Keratin is melted with a hot fusion tool. Therefore, if heat is applied directly it can be weakened. Keratin must always be far from high temperatures.

Therefore, when you dry your hair with a dryer, always do so with medium power. And if you want to form your hair, never bring the iron or the curler to the root of the extensions.

2. It takes longer to place them

This has been one of the main drawbacks not only for the clients but also the stylists.

Depending on the amount of hair you have, it may take approximately 4 hours to place keratin extensions. Perhaps it can be reduced to 2 or 3 hours depending on the experience and the skills of the stylist in the hairdressing salon.

3. They require a professional extension expert

Other extension systems such as clip in extensions can be placed in the comfort of your home. Trying to do it yourself with keratin extensions would be a real mess!

Fusion extensions need specific tools, as well as extensive training in order to achieve optimal results. Only a professional can carry out this task. And the same goes to the removal of the extensions.

4. Fusion hair extensions cost more than others

Perhaps it is the most expensive extension system because of several factors. First of all, because of the time you spend inside the hairdressing salon. Second of all, the high cost of the products and the tools needed to place them, and finally, the costs in case you would like to reuse them.

4. Fusion is the most expensive type of extensions

Perhaps it is the most expensive extension system because of several factors. First of all, because of the time you spend inside the hairdressing salon. Second of all, the high cost of the products and the tools needed to place them, and finally, the costs in case you would like to reuse them.

5. They are not reusable

They are reusable, however, when removed, the keratin tip is undone. You can replace it with new keratin, but for this, you have to trim the hair first (with which you lose length).

It also implies extra cost for keratin and it is almost better for you to put on new fusion extensions. Therefore now almost no one reuses them.

Hot fusion hair extensions

To fix the extension to the root of the hair, keratin is heated using a small device.

The heat that is applied is very light, and thanks to it the extensions are perfectly attached to the base of your hair.

Cold fusion hair extensions

Keratin tips can also be melted by ultrasound. An innovative method perfect for fine and weak hair.

The only drawback is that it is more expensive since it requires a special device that many hairdressers do not have.

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