The Best Clip In Hair Extensions of 2019

Have an important even lika a wedding or just want to change your look for a special occasion? Check out the best clip in hair extensions of 2019!

clip in hair extensions

What Are Clip In Hair Extensions?

Are you surprised when you see actresses and celebrities constantly changing their look, either in their day-to-day lives or in awards and important events? Clip in extensions is a removable hair extension system designed for special occasions or to make a quick look change.

Normally, clip in extensions come in curtains of different sizes so the hair spreads out and look very natural. They are already made with professional clips, sewn to the hair bands, to make their placement easier.

You can ask your stylist to put them on, or you can do it by yourself at home.

Advantages of the Clip In Hair Extensions

clip in hair extensions before and after

1. Great for occasional hairstyles

It is the most popular extension system for weddings or important events when you want a stunning hairstyle. In a matter of minutes, a stylist (or yourself) can achieve length and volume for any hairstyle thanks to the clip in extensions. Now you know why celebrities are addicted!

2. Pefect for thin hair

They are perfect if you have fine hair or even if you suffer from a lack of capillary density. With clip-in extensions, you can add density and thickness instantly, without the need to make aggressive changes to your own mane.

3. They illuminate your hair

For sure you have watched all the shampoo commercials and thought that it is impossible for your hair to look so smooth and shiny…

Well, now you know the secret! It is no longer necessary for you to stay in the salon for hours with dyes and foil.

With the clip in extensions, you can create these little shades of light and colour and forget about the colourations. You can choose a lighter shade (blonde or brown) of extensions than your natural hair and achieve an immediate shiny hair effect.

4. Clip in hair extensions are easy to put and remove

Unlike fixed extension systems, these extensions allow you to continue with your day-to-day routine since you can remove them with zero complications at any time.

5. Easy to achieve the look you want

You can add the hair curtains of your choice and play with it until you find the volume and length that you need.

You can also try out different colourings, like ombre or balayage without having to dye your own hair!

6. Easy to style

They can be ironed or curled easily. If you choose human hair extensions they can withstand any thermal tool you use (iron, dryer or tongs) as it is natural hair and not a cheap synthetic fiber. You don’t need to wear your hair straight all the time, curly or wavy hair look fantastic!

You can even do it before putting them in, this way your hands will not get tired and you will achieve an even more professional look. 

Of course, remember to use a thermal protector to protect them as you would do with your own natural hair.

7. You don't have to wear clip in hair extensions every day

Although permanent extensions are fantastic, we know that many of you don’t want to try them out because it is a fixed system.

Clip in extensions are perfect to get started in the world of extensions and go testing. One of the advantages is that you don’t have to sleep with them or worry if you go to the swimming pool or the beach a lot. You decide when and whwere to wear them.

8. They can last a lot longer

As we have mentioned before, you don’t need to wear them all the time. If you don’t sleep with your extensions and only wear them for special occasions, they can last for years! It is especially important if you want to choose high-quality Remy or virgin hair that is more expensive.

9. Clip in hair maintenance is very simple

They are washed depending on how often you wear them and you can simply do it in the sink. Never rub them! If you don’t want them to lose their shine, apply a special mask for extensions and leave it on overnight. The next day you you just need to clear them and you’re done!

Advantages of the Clip In Hair Extensions

1. You need to learn how to correctly place the clip in extensions

Even though it is super easy to put in and take out, you will need some practice in the beginning. There are some techniques that will make your extensions look very natural and chic.

2. You have to take them out at night

If you want your extensions to last longer and not to damage your real hair, you need to remember to take them out every night before you go to bed. This way they will not wear out as quickly and will help to keep your real hair healthy.

clip in extensions

3. Clip in hair extensions can cause stress and tention to your natural hair

If you place them on the same sections of your hair every day, it can cause stress and tension to your natural hair and damage them on the places where the clip is attached. Make sure to change the placement position from time to time and tease your hair before you place the clip, it will give some extra support.

4. They can't be customised

Clip in extensions come in curtains which makes them more difficult to customise. Other types of extensions that come in strands can be mixed to achieve more natural shades and can be evenly spread out to blend in more naturally.

5. Can be visible with some hairtyles

The clips of the extensions are quite large and can be visible with some hairstyles. You need to make sure that you adjust their placement accordingly, for example if you want to wear a ponytail.

How to put on clip in extensions?

Clip in extensions are so easy to put that we could summarize it in 4 simple steps.

Step 1:  We collect all the hair with a clip and start at the neck making a straight line with the help of a comb.

Step 2:  First of all, we will place the narrowest strip of 10cm, 3 or 4 fingers above the neck.

Step 3:  We make another partition a little above the middle of the ear to the other ear, and position the 25cm strip.

Step 4:  The next partition will be made 2 or 3 fingers above the previous strip, that way we will cover all the hair without making the clips visible.

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