How to choose shampoo products in summer

       The summer weather is hot and sticky, so you should change the shampoo products according to the characteristics of the season. Due to the large amount of oil in the scalp in summer, hair follicles are prone to clogging and cause problems such as hair loss and dandruff. Therefore, you can choose some refreshing oil control shampoo products that contain botanicals such as rosemary, mint, citrus and lemon, which not only remove dirt from the scalp. To control the oil, the ingredients of mint and lemon also maintain The scalp is fresh and very comfortable to use in summer.

1. While using the refreshing oil control shampoo, do not forget the maintenance at the end of the hair. Many people are not willing or often skip the conditioner and hair mask due to the summer heat. That’s not true. The high temperature is easy to remove moisture from the hair, the shampoo for oil control is not enough, so we must insist on doing a concentrated moisturizing care in the summer.

2. The shampoo in summer is not too frequent. Generally, it is sufficient to wash once every 2 or 3 days. Washing with shampoo every day or twice a day will stimulate the secretion of oil from the scalp.

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