Teach you to use the hair dryer correctly

Many people have always had prejudices and misunderstandings about blowing hair. They think that blowing the hair will dry it and even the split ends, and natural drying is the correct way. In fact, this view is not correct and the natural drying time is longer. In the middle, it will remove more moisture from the hair due to evaporation, and the hair will dry out. In fact, as long as you master the correct blowing skills, your hair can be smoother and smoother.

Tip 1: Use essential oil insulation before blowing
Before blowing your hair, apply hair oil on damp hair and apply it with a massage to absorb it completely. Be careful not to apply it to the scalp of the hair root, so that you can use a hair dryer to create a layer of thermal insulation. You can moisten washed hair while protecting it from the hot wind. After drying, the hair will be soft and flexible.

Tip 2: Dry the hair section
There are some ways to blow up hair. The ejaculation of a brain is not only slower, it is also blowing. You can divide the hair into several areas according to the length and volume of your hair, and then dry it in different areas so that it blows faster and can also be shaped by the way. The most important thing is to avoid blowing a part repeatedly, so that the heat is uneven. And his hair hurts.

Tip 3: Blow the roots and blow the hair
When blowing the hair, you should grab the key points. First, the hair roots and tips should blow, because the water will flow along the roots of the hair to the tips of the hair. If you do it with the tips of your hair, you will only get half the effort. So it blows the scalp of the most important hair root, and then blows the hair to 7 or 8 minutes.

Tip 4: Keep the hair dryer away from the hair
When blowing the hair, keep the dryer’s mouth at a distance of approximately 15 cm from the hair, preventing it from coming into contact with the hair. If it is too close, there is no danger of the hair getting trapped in the air cylinder, and the hair will be hot. Damage

Tip 5: The hair dryer should keep moving
Many people have this type of error. When blowing an area, the hair dryer is still and this will cause damage to the hair because the heat is concentrated in one part. Therefore, the hair dryer must be kept moving while blowing the hair so that the heat distribution is uniform. TIPS: To ensure that hair damage is minimized during blowing, it is also very important to have a good hair dryer. It is better to choose a negative ion thermostatic hair dryer with hair care function, and perform the hair care while blowing, so that after blowing the buttercup will dry.

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