What are Fusion Hair Extensions?

When you want to pick it up, it can be connected in several ways, such as gluing, sewing, tubing and clips. While everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, the way to choose the right hair for you depends on personal factors such as lifestyle, needs, hair condition and budget. If you are looking for a long-lasting hair extension that looks natural, then fusion hair extensions will be your best option.

The extension of fused hair is ideal for those who feel uncomfortable with the hair made and trimmed. This program is also ideal for those who are concerned because hair removal may fall.

Fusion hair extension is the most popular type of extension because it can last four to six months when properly applied and maintained by professionals. The best thing about using fused hair extensions is that it is impossible to tell your natural hair the expansion.

As the name implies, the extension of fusion hair is attached to the hair through a process called “fusion”. This method works by “mixing” the keratin in natural hair. The hot weft bar and the adhesive are used to attach the weft to the root of the hair. These stickers are designed to mix hair extensions.

The two tracks behind the fusion of hair extensions.

Fusion hair extensions can be cold or hot. By hot melt, the extension is thermally bonded to the hair. This treatment can last up to four months. While many people are enthusiastic fans of thermal fusion, some believe it can make hair stiff and unnatural.

On the other hand, the design of cold fusion is similar to thermal fusion, but the effect on the hair is softer. This type of fusion extends the use of keratin-based polymers that adhere to their roots. Because cold fusion does not use heat, it is ideal for thin or fine hair. Cold fusion expansion can last up to six months.

Both heat treatment and cold treatment are more expensive than other methods of braiding hair because the fusion produces a long-lasting hair. In addition, the type of hair used can increase or decrease the price of your treatment. Hair types include Chinese, Indian, African, European, Asian and synthetic hair.

In short, if you want a hair extension that lasts a few months, a natural expansion and a carefree hair, then the combination of hair extensions is your best option.

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