Tips to take care of hair – develop beautiful hair while you sleep

Apply mask before going to bed

Apply an adequate amount of hair mask to the end of the hair before going to bed, then massage and massage a little. Not only will this help your hair nourish and hydrate all night, it will also speed up the hair repair function. Your hair will be flexible and shiny when you get up.

Put your long hair up and sleep

If you have long hair, then you will definitely have trouble lifting your hair and knotting it. To avoid the effect of turning your hair while you sleep, you can sleep on your head or put a loose ponytail before going to bed. Not only the hair will not make knots, but also the beautiful effect of soft waves.

Change the pillow cover to silk texture

The silk material is softer and softer than cotton. This type of fabric can effectively relieve the feeling of hairiness caused by compression and friction of the hair during sleep, so you can sleep without affecting the shape of the previous day. Especially the curly hair style. If you do not have a silk pillowcase, you can wrap your square silk towel on the pillow to make a DIY cover.

Develop the habit of combing before going to bed

It is a very good habit to comb the hair before going to sleep, so that not only excess fat on the scalp can be combed to the hair without oil or moisture, but also can massage the scalp to accelerate circulation blood and promote sleep. However, the comb must be smaller and smaller, and the hairstyle is less than or equal to 15 times. The excessive number of combs can damage the hair.

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