Seamless Remy Tape in Hair Extensions Burgundy Real Human Hair

I have extremely fine hair. I tried clips I bought from a local beauty shop and from the set of 7, I only used 3 , the lightest (weight wise ) & shortest one’s and I still had issues hiding the clip part within my meek hair. Also, everything slips off my hair so the clips were kind of a hassle. In the past I tried a weave. That was awful even though I told the stylist to go light. It was too heavy for my hair. It was time consuming and expensive and lasted less than 2 weeks. My hair simply has no grip for anything. I tried braids, they all slipped off in just 2 weeks, a lot of money and time wasted.

However, these tape extensions are wonderful! I will throw my clips away or wash them and donate them to goodwill. I didn’t count how many pieces come in the bag but it’s more than enough for me. I used 6 pieces and still have a lot left. Now, as I said I have very little hair and it’s really fine so just a few pieces makes a huge d difference to me. Now, I can leave my hair down and it looks normal. Still fine and not full but at least my neck is covered and it doesn’t look so sad.

The thickness of the hair blends perfectly with mine. The hair is slightly lighter in color than mine, but it blends in nicely. It’s way straighter than mine but mine straightens easily with heat. I love these tape extensions. Now, my hair looks nice and longer.

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