An Extension Procedure Of Fusion Hair Extensions

There are basically three methods by which a lady can have an extension procedure carried out.

The first is the “weaved” variety. The way this is done is that the additional hair is sewn into a person’s own natural. The original hair is weaved around various threads thus creating a track into which the extensions are stitched in.

A second method involves clipping on the hair extension to the lady’s own hair. A positive aspect of this procedure is that the extension can be removed whenever one wants by unclipping the additional strands. And the third procedure is by way of Fusion Hair Extensions. What happens is that a person’s own hair is fused to groups of artificial strands by means of an adhesive substance.

Fusion Hair Extensions were originally started as a “hot” fusion as the process involved fusing adhesives to the hair with a hot fusion tool. However, a “cold” method has since been introduced to Fusion where keratin-based polymer is used for attaching the hair extensions to the original hair. Some experts feel that this cold method is better as it is gentler on the skin and on the original hair. Any one of these two ways can give a person a head of hair which looks totally natural and lasts a reasonably long time as well. So if you are one of those who have decided on getting a new head of hair for yourself, Fusion may be just the thing for that you have been looking for.

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