Clip in Hair Extensions Real Human Hair Off Black

I have longer dark brown hair and I ordered the 18″ dark brown color. I am so happy because it is the EXACT same color as my hair. Not only that, it is the EXACT texture of my hair too! My first set was very coarse hair and it was obviously different from mine, since my hair is very fine. So are these extensions but it’s perfect for me. You literally can’t tell what’s my hair and what isn’t. I bought these not for length, but for thickness. Not only is my hair fine but it’s very thin.

I like ponytails and braids and I’d like them to be thick. I used clip ins to thicken them in the past but you have to be strategic at the placement of them if you’re doing updos. I only bought one set for now, and it’s good enough if you want to add a little thickness (my hair is about the same thickness so it pretty much doubled with one set) these are amazing! AMAZING!

Since, it’s my first time using remy hair extensions, I went to a professional hairdresser and had it placed and styled. The clips felt comfortable. My clips stayed in for 3 days (could stayed in longer, but my curls were getting flat & of course I wanted clean hair). I had a bob hairstyle that was just below about 1 & 1/2 in pass my ears, so my hairstylist clips it all the way to the top of my head. My hair was gorgeous! I will be watching more you tube videos and will be practicing on how to do it myself. Who knew many beautiful women with the gorgeous hair wear extensions! It will be fun to wear different colors too.

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